Clear PVC Bistro Blinds

Clear PVC Bistro Blinds

Bistro Blinds and Cafe Blinds in Melbourne

Melbourne Awnings and Shade Systems’ clear PVC blinds and Ziptrak Blinds offer the most cost-effective way to utilise outdoor covered areas all year round. If you want to create an area in your patio, Melbourne café, bistro or restaurant that you can use regardless of the weather, our bistro blinds are the perfect choice. Engineered with high-grade Japanese PVC, they can provide stable protection against wind and rain when the weather is less than favourable. Certain shades of tinted PVC can also provide up to 50% in UV block.

Lose the Chill and Keep Your View

Clear Outdoor Patio Blinds

Our bistro blinds are available in clear or tinted colours, allowing for your outdoor furniture to be protected from the weather without obstructing your view. Effective at blocking wind and cold drafts, these blinds are ideal for commercial eateries, allowing customers to dine outside in comfort. They can also be easily controlled with a hand-rolled crank system, a pull-down spring top, or a motor.

Clear PVC Outdoor Blinds

Whether you’re looking for clear blinds for your Melbourne restaurant or patio blinds for your veranda, you’ll find what you’re looking for within our extensive selection.

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