Conservatory and Pergola Shades

Conservatory and Pergola Shades


Are you looking for outdoor awnings that can protect your outdoor areas from damaging weather conditions? The highly trained team at Melbourne Awnings and Shade Systems can provide pleated blinds and conservatory awnings for Melbourne homes and businesses. Depending on the design and size of the area, we have a range of systems that can suit your shading needs as well as your aesthetic preferences.


We have no shortage of mesh and canvas fabrics for you to choose from, all of which are available in numerous fashion colours to suit your personal tastes. Our range of conservatory blinds includes Harol VZ520 awnings that are made using corrosion resistant components and weather protected fabric, Aluxor conservatory roof blinds that reduce energy expenses throughout the year, and numerous other options. We also offer retractable privacy screens for busy urban areas that also protect against weather.


When it comes to pleated blinds and conservatory awning solutions, there’s no better choice than Melbourne Awnings and Shade Systems. Contact our experts today to learn more and discuss your requirements. Simply call us on (03) 9596 3333 or message us online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Pleated Shade under Glass Roof

    Pleated Shade under Glass Roof

    Interior pleated shade system ideal for shading under glass roof. Operated by electric motor, Pleated Conservatory Shade is easy ...
  • Shaderunner on Steel Cable

    Shaderunner on Steel Cable

    Shaderunner Pleated Awning running on a tensioned stainless steel wire cable and pulleys has the potential of covering larger p...
  • Pleated Patio awning on Tracks

    Pleated Patio awning on Tracks

    Pleated Awningon tracks is ideal for shading large areas under existing pergola. Operated by endless cord, this pergola shading...
  • Sideline Retractable Privacy Screen

    Sideline Retractable Privacy Screen

    Sideline blind will protect your privacy on the terrace or balcony and keep off curious looks. Decoratively embedded in your envir...
  • Varioscreen Retractable Sun Roof

    Varioscreen Retractable Sun Roof

    Varioscreen - retractable sunroof from Helioscreen is the dynamic sun protection system. If you wish to shade the pergola or glass...
  • Surya Pleated Shade

    Surya Pleated Shade

    The Surya Patio Retractable Pergola System gives you the option to stay outside and enjoy the sun, or be protected from it. Ou...

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