Retractable Pergola & Sun Roof Systems

Retractable Pergola & Sun Roof Systems


At Melbourne Awnings and Shade Systems, we can provide retractable roof systems in Melbourne that bring functionality and style to outdoor spaces. Our specialists are fully capable of installing quality retractable shade structures that offer protection from rain, wind and heat throughout the year. These can be easily integrated into any outdoor space, making them perfect for various residential and commercial applications.


Melbourne Awnings and Shade Systems is proud to be a leading supplier of custom made retractable waterproof awnings and retractable shade structures in Melbourne. We have installed patio awning systems for various clients, including various Crown Casino restaurants, Albert Park Driving Range, St Kilda Park Primary School, and many others. We will listen carefully to your requirements and manage the project from design through to implementation.


Our retractable shade awnings have been stringently tested to ensure maximum tensile strength and durability under the most demanding conditions. Our range of roofs and shades are suitable for use in any weather conditions. This means that you can expect optimal protection from the blistering Melbourne sun. Whether you need a retractable patio roof for your backyard or you’re looking for a custom-made roof shade to meet the needs of your restaurant, we’re sure to have the perfect solution for you.

The European design utilises a custom direct drive motor system which ensures smooth and quick operation. They’re also engineered with high-grade extruded aluminium profiles, stainless steel components, and an unparalleled running system. Our retractable roof awning solutions can also be equipped with LED lighting, while sun and wind sensors can be integrated into your model for ultimate convenience. Dimmable LED lights are also available.


If you’re looking for retractable waterproof awnings and other retractable shade solutions, you can rely on the experts at Melbourne Awnings and Shade Systems to deliver the solutions you need. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote.

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