Sun Blinds and Window Shades

Sun blinds and outside window shades remain the most economical way to prevent the Australian sun from heating up your home or business. Cool your property naturally and protect your carpet and furnishings from heating up with Melbourne Awnings and Shade Systems. Whether you seek window shades with traditional styling, or the sleek modern look of straight drop sunscreens, we’ll have what you need.

Custom Made For Your Property

Our custom-made Sunblinds offer you endless design options for your shading requirements. Choose from traditional canvas or acrylic canvas and sunscreen in a variety of plain colours and striped designs. In addition, our modern blind fabrics possess fantastic heat and glare reduction qualities – you’ll have greater control over your interior’s temperatures, allowing you to reduce your cooling costs.

Melbourne Awnings and Shade Systems’ external window shades are available in various operational systems, from traditional pull-down canvas blinds to modern cassette enclosed motorised awnings. With either option, you’ll enjoy practical and reliable operation.

Shade Systems & Sun Blinds in Melbourne

Outside window shades allow you to retain your view or experience total privacy. Whether you want your windows to have a modern, streamlined look or exude a more traditional flair, our sun blinds will complement and complete your home.

Various styles are available to suit all architectural requirements.

  • CHANNEL Blinds

    CHANNEL Blinds

    Australian designed and manufactured blind system for enclosing pergolaenables you to enclose your patio or pergola, keeping the w...
  • Standard Wire Guided Mesh Blind

    Standard Wire Guided Mesh Blind

    Modern, sleek design and ease of operation with various fabric options and affordable price are the main characteristics of the Wi...
  • eZip Blind in Clear PVC  or Screen fabric

    eZip Blind in Clear PVC or Screen fabric

    Designed and manufactured in Australia eZIP is the unique track system locking the fabric into special side tracks for complete we...
  • SunScreen Blinds

    SunScreen Blinds

    Modern slim-line awning. Compact profile includes a neat 95mm or 125mm aluminum head box, square bottom rail and side channels, wh...
  • Traditional Rope & Pulley Blind

    Traditional Rope & Pulley Blind

    Old-style roll-up blind. Fixed at the top by aluminium sail track, this drop blind can be manually rolled up and down using the r...
  • Fixed Guide Awning

    Fixed Guide Awning

    A spring loaded cord operated blind excellent for upstairs windows, over glassed skylight or pergola. The choice of galvanised, p...

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