Bioclimatic SmartRoof Retractable Louvre


With sleek retractable aluminium panels the BIOCLIMATIC SMART LOUVRE system is adaptable to all architectural structures.

The elegance and comfort provided by the BIOCLIMATOC SMART LOUVRE system provides a streamlined option for both commercial and residential applications.

Prime is a modern bioclimatic pergola system that allows outdoor use under sunny and rainy weather conditions thanks to its movable / folding and self-rotating panels. Designed to adapt to any outdoor environment, Prime provides excellent visual and thermal comfort.

  SmartRoof R160 is designed to bring a new lease of life to the outdoor spaces with its unique design concept and geometrical form. While providing the optimum solutions, the R160 meets various architectural needs with the flat and inclined roof option models with rotation feature.

The SmartRoof R200 is designed specifically for wide open spaces and has a modern geometrical look inspired by unique asymmetrical lines. R200 get lows you to enjoy your interior space thanks to its inclined structure. Moreover, it demonstrates a high durability under snowfall.

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