Drop Arm Awning

Melbourne Awnings and Shade Systems Drop Arm Awnings are the perfect solution for upstairs windows and doorways, designed to withstand high winds and adverse weather. They are basically fitted externally around a window frame and consist of a retractable blind made from canvas or mesh fabric and attached to a frame with arms that pivot halve way down the window, attached to the external wall.

Highly versatile and suitable for windows that face any direction. When the awning is partially extended, it provides protection from overhead sun (north facing windows) whilst still retaining a view to the outside. When the awning is fully extended it covers the entire window and provides protection from the sun at low angles (east or west). The lengths of the arms are approximately half the drop of the awning.

Available in maximum length of 5460mm projecting out to maximum of 1800mm.

Manual operation with a gearbox or fully  motorised.
Motorisation further allows individual or group control over a number of windows simultaneously, timer function and climate sensor.Awnings fitted with an electric motor are as easy and comfortable to use as a touch of a button.

We use the well known Somfy or Becker motors and components. Special Sun and Wind sensors provide continuous protection as the awning automatically extends in sun and retracts in high wind. This has several benefits such as maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature, even when no one is around, helping with reducing the cooling costs, and for security reasons … the building appears occupied at all times!

Wired and wireless options available.
Fabric choices available from Acrylic canvas to various woven and dipped mesh styles. An opaque fabric can be used to provide full block-out, while a sheer fabric can offer sun and heat protection without losing your view.  Available with or without bottom valance.

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