Gennius Pleated Patio System

The GENNIUS Belt Drive Pleated Patio system is versatile and simple in design.

It is the ideal solution for creating extra useable space, whether this be for restaurants, clubs, hotels, or at home.  The retractable nature of the GENNIUS offers all year round options to provide sun screening in summer, or weather protection during the winter months.

This product uses a Carbon Steel reinforced drive belt, completely enclosed inside the side guides, to drive the crossbars outwards and inwards.  For optimum performance from this all weather awning, the Gennius is motorised and is controlled with a hand-held remote.

Gennius can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes, from widths as little as 3m and up to 13.5m. The standard projection can be up to 7m, but larger projections are available provided the awning is top fixed.


  • The Gennius Belt Drive Pleated Patio System is versatile and simple in design
  • Uses a 70mm Galvanised Roller Tube with welded stream for added strength
  • Maximum width is 13.5m
  • Projections over 7m are available (P.O.A).  If projection is greater than 7m it must be Top Supported.
  • Recommended Measure of Fall is between 10 to 13 degrees
  • Maximum Span between Posts is 4.5m 
  • Guttering for Drainage of water is an optional extra
  • Side Infills are an available option
  • A Hood Beam is another option available
  • This is a motorised product only - manual operation is not available
  • Utilises a One Piece Skin or Individual Pleats (the nominal projection of each pleat is 750mm)
  • Extra Pleats are available at an additional charge
  • Uses a 6mm Spline along the width of the cross bars (or you can use your own 7mm Keder)
  • Gennius can be Wall Fixed or Ceiling Top Fixed
  • Is available as an A1 model with posts, or a T1 model without posts

Width 3m ↔ 13.5m

Projection 3m ↔ 7m (projections over 7m can be supplied P.O.A)

Gennius A1 Model with Posts - Side View

Gennius A1 Model with posts

Gennius T1 model with no posts

Gennius Wall Fix Installation

Gennius Ceiling Fix Installation

Gennius Standard Joist & Heavy Joist Profile

Gennius Post & Crossbar Profile

Wind Class 3 - 6 (European)/Beaufort Force 6 - 9 (Australian).

Maximum wind speed between 49kph - 88kph depending on the size of the system.

Standard Dulux Duralloy powder-coat colours are included in the price

Somfy Motors 

2 or 3 joists - Altus 50 RTS 40/17 

4 joists - Altus 50 RTS 50/12 or Altus 60 RTS 55/17 depending on the projection



The Gutter option collects rainwater and drains it away using the post profile as the downpipe. 

Hood Beam Kit

The Hood Beam option covers the retracted section with, preferably, a waterproof fabric that is stretched from a wall attachment to the beam. This provides protection for the crossbars and fabric, from rain and debris, when not in use.

Side Infill Kit

A Side Infill option is available for one or both sides. This enables the attachment of a vertical awning such as the Screeny or Vertiscreen screen, to provide extra shade and comfort. 

Extra Pleats

A variety of fabrics can be used for the pleats including acrylic, PVC coated fabric or screen mesh.

Square Bar Fixing Kit


Used when mulitiple fixings to a wall are required using a 40mm powder-coated square bar and special brackets

Optional Brackets

Gennius Top Fix Bracket for Joist

Gennius Side Fix Bracket

Gennius Wall End Fix Bracket

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