Harol BX270 Cassette Folding Arm awning

The BX270 Folding Arm Awning is identical to the BX260 with its fully enclosed box, yet its appearance has been given a complete makeover.

This consists mainly of a brand new side console in aluminium casting, a stylish stainless steel brushed logo and an extremely sleek extension pole design with integrated water drainage.

The limited depth makes the box extremely compact. Also typical for the BX270 is the load-bearing torque bar onto which the supports, folding arms and fabric roll are hooked.

Up to a width of 6 m there are 2 folding arms, and from 6 to 7 m the screen is fitted with 3 arms; for coupled awnings (up to a width of 12 m) 4 arms are fitted. These arms always have 2 integrated pull springs which will extend the service life of your awning with many more summers.

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