Harol PR210-PR220 Classic Folding arm awning

  • Quality built with industry leading materials
  • Manual or remote operation, optional weather sensor
  • 5 year guarantee

Both awnings feature an aluminum extruded hood with strong cast aluminum end covers providing protection for the fabric.

The arms and shoulder are extruded aluminum powder coated with an angle range from 10 to 45.

The awning design ensures against flapping and dropping of arms.

Hinges are high pressure cast aluminum alloy and operate on durable slide bearings of toughened bronze. Springs and cables are high quality zinc plated steel for excellent reliability and durability.

Sizes are maximum 6 meters in one part with two arms. 7 meters in one part with three arms; 14 meters in 2 parts with four arms. Arm Sizes 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500mm

The awning can be equipped with electrical operation, or for the ultimate in comfort an automatic wind and sun sensor regulates the awning automatically, depending on light intensity and wind speed. Manual operation using a simple crank and gearbox is available as standard.

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