Harol VZ080

− The VZ080 veranda sunblind is designed to control to a considerable extent the penetration of sunlight in a room, which can cause uncomfortably high levels of light and heat. The fabric of the blind is protected and rolled up in a box which is closed by the extension pole when the screen is completely retracted. The box is fixed to the guide rails. − The fabric is kept at a safe distance from the veranda roof by the position of the guide rails and a cable spring system that keeps the fabric under constant tension. − The system is so designed as to enable any minor seating tolerances in the roof sections to be easily taken up. The entire system is made of non-corroding materials. − There are several fitting options - as standard, the VZ080 is fitted above the veranda, since the most efficient sunblind is fitted on the outside of the glazing. It can then be fixed on the veranda profiles using supports. There are several supports available for this. − The VZ080 is provided with a zipper system that ensures the fabric remains properly tensioned at every height position of the extension pole, which prevents the fabric from pulling out of the guide rails. The sections of fabric are always finished with a zipper on the left and right, of which the thicker side slides into a plastic zipper profile. This is placed in a separable aluminium guide profile. − The VZ080 consists of: • A box with an easily removable fabric roll with motor control. • A polyester fabric with zipper that is rolled up in the box. • Separable guide rails to reach the zipper guide smoothly. • An extension pole with spring to keep the fabric tensioned.

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