THE AWNING THAT MEETS THE HIGHEST DEMANDS The HELIOSHADE® CASSETTE is the superior model of the HELIOSHADE® series from HELIOSCREEN. Using innovative German technology and stylish Italian design, it perfectly protects the awning fabric and its working parts from the harsh Australian environment with a fully closing cassette. Top quality materials including chromastised aluminium and marine grade stainless steel screws, along with precision engineering down to the last detail ensure perfect functionality and durability. High strength extruded brackets guarantee a sound fixing, even on difficult facades. The HELIOSHADE® CASSETTE can be fully automated with a sun and wind sensor

UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE FOR COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS The Helioscreen team have a proven reputation for outstanding performance when it comes to commercial awning projects. Offering an extensive range of products with local support and next generation solutions for over a quarter of a century is why Helioscreen as a company is synonymous with quality and highcaliber service across Australia and New Zealand. Using only the finest materials available from around the world each component is selected to exceed expectations. When coupled with precision engineering, innovation and the latest in advanced technology, Helioscreen awning systems have clearly proven to withstand the test of time. Local assembly ensures precision results are made to order, and offers efficient turnaround times for production and aftermarket service. Production of our custom made textiles is done in-house with the latest innovative technology and we offer a choice of over 120 Dulux powdercoat colours at no extra charge. This guarantees the best aesthetic results for each system. Furthermore, commercial grade powdercoating is also available for prestigious projects. Used nationwide in landmark hospitality venues including bars, restaurants, hotels, clubs and renowned commercial buildings, the Helioscreen range has been the selection of choice for many of Australia’s leading architects, designers and builders over the past 25 years. Other commercial applications can be found at shopping centres, airports, apartment complexes, resorts, marinas, libraries, museums and universities. Working to set new standards across our industry in functionality, performance and design, provides us with the opportunity to incorporate our intelligent sun control solutions towards long term sustainability by reducing energy consumption and contributing to an environmentally greener future.

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