HV80 External Venetians


At Melbourne Shade Systems, we’re proud to offer external Venetian blinds for Melbourne homes and businesses. These blinds suit any external facade and come in a range of modern designer colours. In addition, they can be controlled by switch, hand held remote control, or automated building management systems.

Our Venetian blinds feature a range of stylish 60/70/80/90mm curved and flat slats with baked enamel finish, offering options such as rolled edges to provide extra stability/anti vibration. Unaffected by extreme temperature changes, our Venetians reduce sun penetration by up to 90% and can improve your energy efficiency by minimising the need for air conditioning.

Whether you’re an architect looking for a solution to help attain a Green Star rating for an office block or you're conscious about your home energy costs, our Venetian range has your concerns covered. A popular addition to the Helioscreen range, the motorised external Venetian is practical and robust, satisfying the most ambitious design demands of modern architecture.


Our Venetian blinds are highly sought after for a number of reasons, including:

  • Automated wind/sun/rain-sensing controls to tilt and retract blinds when needed
  • UV resistant components, lifting tapes and ladder cords for extended life in exposed environments
  • Extruded aluminium base rail profile for increased stiffness and rail weight
  • Extensive range of slats to suit any commercial or domestic application
  • Precision extruded drive shaft for fine tilt control
  • Available with integrated direct drive motor for increased performance and reliability.
  • Full 5 year warranty
  • Integrated heavy duty side cable / guide attachment head for increased wind resistance
  • High grade stainless steel fixtures, making them suitable for coastal environments
  • Customised pelmets to suit blind size and project requirements

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