Lumex Louvre Opening Roof

All year weather solution Enhance and use your outdoor entertaining areas every season because Lumex is as changeable as the weather at the touch of a button. Corrosion resistant and long life Aluminium corrosion rates are extremely low making this product fantastic alternative to steel and other outdoor materials. Energy efficient Aluminium has better thermal conductivity properties than steel and reflects light which helps keep your outdoor entertaining areas cool in summer months. When closed, aluminium louvres or fabric roofs will also trap heat in the room making Lumex roofing systems ideal for winter months and minimising heater usage. As strong as steel but much lighter and more flexible Aluminium is around 25% lighter than steel while offering similar strength but with added flexibility. Modern look and feel Lumex Roofing Systems are a modern and timeless addition to any residential or commercial project. Sleek, shiny and, modern looking, architects also label this product an easy choice to add style and value to a project for long term use. Highly durable, great value With strength like steel and a natural barrier against corrosion, our Lumex roofing system will last years because they are low maintenance. Every roof is custom made to order for the perfect fit.

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