Pergosystem Retractable Roof Systems


The Zerro is our flagship model with the most features and versatility of any Retractable Roof. Installed against a wall, on top of a roof or to enclose a courtyard, the Zerro allows it all and more! Covered’s Zerro Retractable Roof System is a modern innovative and ergonomic pergola, standing out for its simple and clean lines along with incredible year-round versatility. The Zerro can be supplied with or without a gutter, front beam or columns (Zerro_Uniq) or can come as a cantilevered system known as the (Zerro_Q Air) making this an extremely versatile shade and shelter solution.

Zerro KEY POINTS: The flagship model of the Pergosystem Retractable Roof System Range.

Reduce your energy bills and cool your home.

Provides the widest range of installation methods.

100% waterproof. Add natural light at the push of a button

Wind Rated to 134Km/h* In-built gutter and water management system. 100’s of fabrics and finishes available to suit any location and style. *Depending on configuration and size. 

Covered’s Classic is a modern and ergonomic pergola system forming the more cost effective part of our range. The innovation lies in the fact that it can be applied either on an existing structure or pergola (Classic Q) or in between two walls (Classic Wall). It can be installed very easily and quickly and fits in easily to most spaces whilst still perfectly protecting from all weather conditions. The quality of the construction is obvious, while the whole structure frame is entirely made of aluminum and stainless-steel components. Grande is an extremely robust, heavy duty, yet understated model.

The Grande is our upscaled model and was designed for large areas. Restaurants, cafes, hotels and residential alfresco areas have benefitted from its massive projection potential without the need for additional posts. It has a built-in extruded structural gutter to collect and disperse rainwater via the integrated posts. The system can be installed in many different ways and scenarios, either on an aluminum beam and columns (Grande Uniq) or between two walls (Grande Mezzo). The rafters are made from extruded 190mm x 90mm with columns/posts being 130mm x 130mm making the maximum size of this system using one piece of fabric 13 metres in width and 10 metres projection.

The IDEA-FL is a real head-turner with its attractive arc-shape bringing a unique & desirable difference to architectural spaces. It can be installed with a built-in structural gutter (Idea FL Uniq) to collect the rainwater whilst draining through the columns/posts that support the system. As with all covered retractable systems, the Idea-FL can also be installed in many different ways: onto an existing structure (Idea FL _Q), hanging on cantilevered rods (Idea FL_Air) making it extremely versatile. The quality of the finish is obvious, the whole structure frame is entirely made of high-quality extruded aluminum and stainless-steel fixings components for maximum strength and longevity. The fully waterproof membrane follows suit, being of the highest quality from the worlds leading PVC suppliers and all fabric membranes come with a 5-year warranty.

Design your space to perform to needs with an integrated LED lighting system or create a wind and insect resistant barrier. With the addition of integrated LED lighting systems, you can remotely control your lighting system. Celebrated throughout Europe for over two decades, the Idea FL system commands attention while providing a beautiful and dynamic space. Like all systems within the range, the Idea FL also allows the addition of many additional ancillary systems for an increased comfort level, like heaters, speaker systems, bug-zappers and more. With 5 years of manufacturer-backed-warranty across Australia, you can remain assured that your retractable roof system is engineered and made to hold up against the harsh Australian environment.

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