Shadelab Feng Cassette Folding Arm With Lights

ShadeLab Feng

Designed by world renowned, Italian industrial designer Mario Mazzer, Feng is our new flagship awning. Featuring a beautifully designed, rounded and completely enclosed aluminium cassette as well as integrated LED lighting, Feng is our most versatile awning yet. Easily use this awning throughout the day and into the night at the flick of a switch FEATURES - Retractable folding arm arm awning - Completely enclosed round cassette - Suitable for wall or ceiling installations - Inclination between 3° and 45° - URBAN Arms with DATSystem - Available with integrated LED arms - Available with integrated LED cassette - Dynamic dimmable lighting - Motorised solution - Durable stainless-steel screws and pins - Patented and seamless design - Completely concealed fasteners

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