ShadeLab Frame


Frame is a retractable roofing system, built to protect from sun and rain. Designed with a slim cassette, the Frame system attaches to existing conservatories and pergolas to create a sheltered area, that is protected from the elements, all year round. Frame utilises a high-pressure gas spring system for rattle-free movement and constant tension across the length of the system, ensuring the fabric always remains smooth and taut. Frame can also be configured with our signature side guide technology, z-Lock™, providing superior tension across all four sides of the fabric and preventing any undesired rippling or sagging on larger applications.

FEATURES - Motorised solution - Non-visible, stainless steel screws and pins - Wall and feet configurable at any pitch with water runoff (at ≥15° pitch) - Weatherproof - High-pressure, safe and silent gas spring system - Covers areas up to 36m2 for large applications - Premium powder coating finish - z-Lock™ Compatible - 100mm roller tube

HIGH PRESSURE GAS SPRING SYSTEM Integrated into the channels of the system, the Frame’s high-pressure gas spring and pulley system maintain a constant tension on the roofing system’s fabric, ensuring no loss of tension throughout use and operation. Coupled with our patented z-Lock™ technology, the Frame system maintains tension on the shade fabric from all four sides of the system.

FEATURES - Rattle-free movement, for a smooth and quiet experience - Constant high-pressure reduces fabric rippling - Increased longevity compared to conventional springs - Controlled pressure release for safer operation

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