Shaderunner Retractable Shade Sail

Shaderunner Pleated  Awning  running on a tensioned stainless steel wire cable and pulleys  has the potential of covering larger projection than six metres and it is the great shade solution to those narrow but long backyards. This unique retractable sail shade system allows you to manually control the degree of shade you require at any one time, and neatly folds away to allow maximum sunlight as desired.

Using the best marine grade stainless steel fittings and fixings, the Shaderunner will withstand the test of time.  With the ability to fix to existing pergola structures, onto houses and between posts, the Shaderunner is a perfect addition to a wide range of applications.

This simple yet functional system enables the homeowner to shade outdoor spaces as and when required, meaning outdoor areas can be used and enjoyed even during the hotter parts of the day. The Shaderunner® can be manufactured from a wide range of fabrics including Polyester Mesh for dependable shading with 95% block out, to transluscent Waterproof PVC for a weatherproof solution.

Each fabric is mould resistant and offers protection from glare and the sun's harmful rays, with a wide range of colours available. With so many colour options available, the Shaderunner® complements all architectural styles, from contemporary suburban homes to traditional country residences. The Shaderunner® is ideally suited for a range of applications around the home, from outdoor entertaining spaces and patios to swimming pools and courtyards.

Wind Resistance - Shaderunner Retractable sails should not be used in winds above 25knots (46KPH) 

Available in a manual or motorised version, the Shaderunner® can be installed to an existing or purpose built pergola, between walls, fascias or free standing posts. The unique qualities of the Shaderunner® enable it to be utilised for a multitude of applications, from the smallest domestic setting right up to large span commercial projects, such as aquatic parks and hotels.

Constructed using only the most durable 316 stainless steel fittings and marine grade Ronstan ball bearing pulleys, the Shaderunner® Retractable Sail provides years of trouble-free shading with minimal maintenance.


Melbourne Shade Systems' Shaderunner is economical awning and the operation is trouble free.

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