Stainless Steel Straight Drop Awning

The Stainless Steel Straight Drop Awning is the ideal choice for a situation where visible componentry is required to be kept to a minimum when the blind is not being used.

The Stainless Steel Straight Drop Awning is a simple product at an affordable price.  The stainless steel wire guide is almost invisible from just a short distance, making the system a discreet option yet still providing optimum strength.  The awning can be used with an opaque fabric to obtain a total blockout, or with a screening fabric that provides the shade that is required without blocking out any view.

A compact gearbox controls the up and down movement if the blind, or automatic operation can be achieved with a motor. Motorisation also allows for group control over a number of windows simultaneously.

The Stainless Steel Straight Drop awning is available with either a stainless steel bottom rail with plastic end caps, or with the Vertiscreen Teardrop bottom rail.

  • 78mm Galvanised Roller Tube with welded stream for added strength
  • 7:1 Gearbox is standard - motorisation is an optional extra
  • Stainless Steel Wire Guide cable
  • Stainless Steel Wire Guide Fixing Brackets
  • Stainless Steel Top & Bottom Bushes and L Brackets
  • Stainless Steel Pivot Pin & Plate
  • Stainless Steel Bottom Rail (which inserts into fabric pocket) with White Plastic End Caps
  • Galvanised Steel Weight for Bottom Bar
  • 6mm spline
  • Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts
  • Optional Powder-coated Teardrop Bottom Rail in lieu of steel bottom rail with plastic end caps

Width 0.65m ↔ 5m

Drop 0.65m ↔ 4m

Stainless Steel Bottom Rail with Plastic End Caps

Stainless Steel Fixing Brackets

Top Bush

Bottom Bush

L Fixing Bracket

Wind Class 2 (European)/Beaufort Force 5 (Australian)

Maximum wind speed of 37kph

Standard Dulux Duralloy powder-coat colours are included in the price

Somfy Motors 

Altus 50 RTS 10/17

Vertiscreen Teardrop Bottom Rail 

Strap Runners

Deck Plates

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