Victory Commercial Folding Arm Awning

The Victory Commercial Folding Arm Awning is a high quality double bar mounted awning with strength and versatility. An economical alternative to large shade structures, with a maximum width of 12m and 5.1m projection.

The Victory Folding Arm Awning is only available with motorisation, and is an ideal choice where large areas need to be covered.

  • Heavy Duty Folding Arms with Double Stainless Steel chain
  • Twin 60mm x 40mm steel mounting bars
  • Heavy Duty Mounting Brackets & Fittings
  • Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminium Front Bar
  • This is a motorised awning - manual operation is not available
  • 78mm Galvanised Roller Tube with welded stream for added strength
  • Projection sizes 4.1m, 4.6m & 5.1m
  • Pitch Range to 45 degrees
  • Centre support provided on awnings over 6m

Width 4.4m ↔ 12m

Projection 4.1m, 4.6m, 5.1m      

Victory Wall Fix Installation

Victory Ceiling Fix Installation

Victory Face/Wall Fix Bracket

Awnings up to 4.1m projection - Wind Class 2 (European)/Beaufort Force 5 (Australian). Maximum wind speed 37kph.

Awnings with 4.6m & 5.1m projection - Wind Class 1 (European)/Beaufort Force 4 (Australian). Maximum wind speed 27kph.

Standard Colour is White. Other powder-coat colours are not available.

Somfy Motors 

Altus 60 RTS 85/17 for 2 arm awning

Altus 60 RTS 120/12 for 3 or 4 arm awning

Top Fix Brackets

Victory Top/Ceiling Fix Bracket

Motion/Wind Sensor 

* Somfy Eolis 3D Motion Sensor in White, Black or Ivory

* Somfy Eolis Sensor RTS with LED feedback in White

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