Weinor WGM Sunroof

Top sun protection a comfortable environment under the roof The WGM Top is mounted above the glass roof construction using support brackets. Benefit for your customer: By stopping the sun hitting the galls the majority of solar rays are deflected. The over roof awning can be used in many applications and scenarios thanks to the large selection of installation/support brackets. Flexible system fits on any roof The WGM Top can be retrofitted to a whole range of different un- trussed roofs. Benefit for your customer: Regardless of whether it’s a weinor Glasoase® or warm conservatory, wooden patio roof or one with roof overhang – the WGM Top is always the right choice. Elegant look beautiful design on any facade The WGM Top impresses due to its slimline, modern design. Benefit for your customer: Fabric – colour fast thanks to solution dyeing, Soltis® 86 and Soltis® 92 can also be used with a fabric size up to 20 m2, colour tonality even with blanket orders. Frame – high colour tonality thanks to own powder coating. Stretch and OptiStretch versions taut fabric The WGM Top is available in 2 versions: Stretch and OptiStretch. Benefit for your customer: Stretch – compensates for high installa- tion tolerances. OptiStretch – fabric firmly guided on 4 sides, no edges hanging down the sides, less fabric sag, no light gap between the fabric and side channel. High wind stability longer protection from the sun Both the WGM Top versions (Stretch and OptiStretch) can remain open up to wind force 6 on the Beaufort scale. Benefit for your customer: Even in stronger winds, the sun protection can therefore be used for longer and doesn’t have to be retracted straight away.

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