ZipTrak Mesh Blinds


The team at Melbourne Shade Systems proudly offers Zip trak blinds and sunscreen mesh blinds that are perfect for shading verandas and pergolas. The transparent mesh fabric allows light to penetrate through while blocking out the heat. These are available in various types of PVC coated high tenacity polyester yarn or fiberglass mesh fabrics. Whether you want to minimise adverse health effects caused by excessive exposure to UV rays or reduce energy expenses, our solutions can help.


Fitted with acrylic canvas or shade mesh fabric, these innovative track guided sunblind systems are excellent for veranda and pergola enclosures. They serve as excellent vertical screening solutions and deliver exceptional sun or weather protection no matter what the time of year.

These sunscreen mesh blinds can be easily pushed down or up and they will stay at whatever position you require. Ziptrak blinds are perfectly fitted in between posts or pillars and are available in pull-down or wind out operation configurations depending on the size of the screening required.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for Zip trak blinds and sunscreen mesh blinds, the team at Melbourne Shade Systems has you covered. Get in touch with us today via phone or online enquiry form.

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